Directory Submission Service

2000 Directory Submission for 100 USD only

1500 Directory Submissions Service for $80 Only

1400 Directory Submissions Service for $75 Only

1300 Directory Submissions Service for $70 Only

1200 Manual Directory Submission Service for $65 Only

1000 Directory Submissions Service for $45 Only

500 Free Directory Submission for $30 Only

400 SEO Directory Submissions Service for $20 Only

300 Cheap Directory Submission Service for $15 Only

200 Manual Directory Submission Service for $10 Only

100 Directory Submission Service for $5 Only

Aticle Submission Service

Article Submissions in 150 PR3+ Directories for 15$

Article Submissions in 250 PR3+ Directories for 25$

Article Submissions in 350 PR3+ Directories for 35$

Article Submissions in 500 PR3+ Directories for 50$



So you are asking yourselves who's behind isn't it?

Well then let me satisfy your curiosity. We are a bunch of SEO guys from India working in this field for more than 5 years now.

We were doing just freelance work on sites like or for clients all around the globe. But some time ago we saw that our services were bought a lot. So we analysed the situation and found out that we had the cheapest prices on the market for the submission jobs we were doing. Then we decided to put up this site and offer our services not only to the people on those freelance sites but to people all around the globe.

Why should you buy 100 directory submissions for 35$ or 100 articles submissions for 150$ ? Not to mention the big number of sites that don't offer you a proof that your site has been submitted. We offer you the .xls sheet with the info related to your submission so you see that we did it and we did it as good as possible. In fewer words, we offer you 100 directories submissions for just $5 only and 150 articles submissions for $15 only better prices and better quality.

Also we have to remind you that all are done MANUALLY. So now maybe you are asking yourself "1000 manual directory submissions for just 45$... that's quite low ... maybe something tricky is involved into this". Stay calm, we don't do anything tricky. The thing is, as I already mentioned, we are from India; and as you all know India is still a country that needs to develop a lot... meaning our prices are way below the ones from USA for example. So this is our "little secret" of working for such low sums.

So that's it... you now know who's behind hope this won't scare you and make you ran away ( yeah we know that India is seen as a bunch of hackers and haxors ... but guess what... not all are the same ). We hope that you will enjoy our services and if you think that we can improove them kindly E-mail US to know.

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